Septic System Design

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Tailored septic system design services in QLD

With over 50 years of hydraulic industry experience, Coast Wide Plan & Design Service offers tailored septic system design and waste water effluent treatment system design. If you’re looking to develop a property in an unsewered area, whether it may be a home, unit, van park, resort or rural location, you must have an effluent treatment and disposal system designed by a qualified hydraulic specialist.

Private individual treatment plants were introduced by major authorities looking to address the ongoing rising costs of servicing, maintenance and reticulation for established ocean outfall and inland treatment plants. A variety of treatment methods evolved and Coast Wide Plan & Design Service became consultants in septic system design of some of these EPA approved systems. 

Treatment method options

Coast Wide Plan & Design Service takes pride in providing detailed site appraisals and septic system design selection to ensure successful development and to avoid inconvenience, future failures, ongoing maintenance and costs. With our clients’ best interests in mind, our aim is to provide efficient systems to suit specific property requirements in QLD.

Our treatment method options include:

  • The upgraded tried and true Septic Tank Treatment Method
  • Chemically Treated Standard Treatment Plants
  • Sand Filtration Treatment Plants
  • Separate Grey Water Dispersal Systems
  • Composting Toilet Systems
  • Aerial Spray Dispersal Systems
  • Advanced Secondary Treatment plants

Septic system design costs vary, and we’re always happy to advise you on the best solution for your site, state-wide and coast wide. 

Professional assessments

Site conditions, such as slope, strata, rock presence, property size and development are all major contributing factors of assessment and septic system design produced by us.

We will assess your development plans, carry out soil testing, and recommend on-site sewage treatment facilities that comply to Australian standards and all local authorities conditions.

We work as a consultant and are a recommended designer for many of Queensland’s authorities, and can tailor our septic system designs for clients’ specific needs and site conditions to provide a smooth approval process.

Call us today on 07 4193 4146 for a competitive quote on our bespoke septic system designs.

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