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Professional planning advice for your renovation projects in QLD

If you are planning a residential, commercial or rural renovation project in QLD, Coast Wide Plan & Design Service can play an important part in the planning process. We’ll listen carefully to what it is you want to do and ensure every renovation project we undertake achieves the optimum outcome.

The time it takes to consider and investigate the design and development process and regulations may be much greater than you think. Clients both state-wide and coast-wide turn to us for the efficient planning of their renovation projects, confident that we’ll help to make the renovation process smoother. 

Renovations, relocations, raises and extensions

Renovation projects require lengthy, careful investigation and design to avoid unnecessary costs and problems arising. Restorations, renovations, relocations, removals and raises, or as we call them, the five ‘R’s, each have specific design and planning standards that must be considered.

Application requirements can be expensive and difficult for applicants to understand, but with extensive involvement in the renovation projects, we can advise you of the difficulties and hidden expenses that may occur.

As a result, you can evaluate your project’s needs and its cost-effectiveness without overvaluing your property. Some considerations that may need to be assessed include:

  • The decision to renovate or extend which can be affected by the real estate market. If property sales are active and purchase prices high, renovations may be the best option, but if the market is depressed, selling and resettlement could be the answer.
  • New energy efficiency and other code requirements. When applied, they can overvalue the intention of the project.
  • New soil classifications, revised flood level and upgraded energy efficiency code requirements which could make renovations and raises economically unviable, affecting resale values.

Rural enterprises

Due to our family ties in QLD, Coast Wide Plan & Design Service has a thorough understanding of rural developments and the activities associated with Australia’s rural diversification.

Extensive knowledge of land owner’s economic and environmental problems is crucial to address strict public health and safety codes and other related regulations within the industry.

There are many avenues involved in rural enterprise design and development, each with a unique range of designs regulations. We’ve been involved in the design of:

  • Dairy pasteurising facilities
  • Piggery development
  • Kennels
  • Equestrian and horse spelling and breeding developments
  • Winery hospitality provision and extensions
  • Country horse racing tracks
  • Chocolate production establishments

Coast Wide Plan & Design Service appreciates the rural industry and the difficulties imposed on the modern day farmer which is reflected in the wide range of projects we’ve worked on throughout QLD and the surrounds. 

To ensure your renovation projects in QLD run smoothly, call us on 07 4193 4146 today.

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