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QLD’s qualified professionals in design assessments

We provide all levels of design assessments, from energy efficiency and sustainable living, right through to bushfire and flood hazard design. Coast Wide Plan & Design Service is one of the most well-known and experienced team of assessors in QLD, servicing clients state-wide and coast wide.

Design assessments are undertaken to ensure your development complies with design regulations. With an unparalleled knowledge of our ever changing industry, we guarantee a high-quality service and detailed design assessments, regardless of how large or small your project.

Energy efficiency and sustainable living assessment (BERS Report)

Whether your building development in QLD is residential or commercial, regulated design conditions have been imposed on all buildings by government officials.

With concerns over energy supply, usage and cost, professional design assessments are now a requirement.

All licensed and qualified designers must evaluate and design obligatory energy-efficient criteria, and here at Coast Wide Plan & Design Service, our site evaluation services include:

  • Building site location and orientation
  • Building style
  • Wall construction type, insulation, heights, openings and shadings
  • Window direction facing, sizes, shading and tinting
  • Use of air conditioners and passage of free air flow
  • Roof style, slope and insulation
  • Water usage, supply and tank installation
  • Installation, location and use of solar power
  • Health and safety assessments
  • Assessments for driveways as required
  • Landscaping and environmental assessments

Bushfire and flood hazard design

As a result of the Victorian Bush Fires and Queensland Floods, governments have imposed regulatory design standards on all buildings to be designed within specified bushfire or flood affected areas. With the use of Google Mapping, local authorities have prepared maps indicating possible suspected areas subject to both hazards. All properties that fall within the specified areas require a designer or an agent to carry out an intensive site evaluation to establish what construction must be applied. Bushfire areas require design assessments such as:

  • Types of trees, height, density spread and sizes
  • Terrain types and slope considered to prevailing weather conditions
  • Type and density of grass and undergrowth
  • Property clearing and regular growth management

Once the property is assessed, the appropriate construction requirements can be designed into the building. Sometimes solutions can be expensive, meaning a change to budget and the original chosen design options. Coast Wide Plan & Design Service believes that successful economical design can only be achieved if the building designer personally undertakes design assessments. We can prepare specific site and residential related design assessments to ensure an efficient economical and practical design is delivered.

As these codes are recent legislation, we can expect non-retrospective amendments to occur at intervals for some time until fully acceptable solutions are established.

To arrange detailed design assessments at your premises in QLD, call us now on 07 4193 4146.

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